Friday, May 4, 2012

Without Dew Point Accessories, Dew Point Meters are like Engineless Fastest Cars

When we talk about dew, the first thing that comes to our mind is some rose petals dipped in water drops; wet nodes of grass; water dripping from flag leaves of Poaceae or water drops glittering on the tip of efflorescent Zoysia grass flowers. But, an industrial definition for dew is different and a slight negligence in its measurement will directly afflict profits. However, without dew point accessories, a dew point meter is incapable of assuring everything out of danger; it is more likely an engineless fastest car. In this article we will be exploring few of its accessories as follows:

Measuring Chamber:
A measuring chamber is perhaps the most important accessory of a dew point sensor because it is not only used for ensuing the maximum flow past the dew point sensor rather it is important for sensor protection and easy association and extrication to compressed air system. Their measuring points may vary and could be anything between 1 l/min at the rate of 0.8Mega Pascal to 2 l/min at the rate of 0.8 Mega Pascal (MPa). There are different models that can be used with compressed air or gas. The most prevalent measuring chambers are as follows:
  • Standard measuring chamber: this measuring chamber is suitable only for compressed air up to 16 bar
  • High pressure measuring chamber: the next comes in the category is high pressure measuring chamber and these are suitable for any compressed air up to 350 bar
  • Measuring Chambers for Granulate Dryer: for this purpose one need a measuring chamber that can handle up to 250 m bar.
Test Pot:
When it is about dew point system, it is all about maintaining the right level of humidity and for this reason these test pots are used, another important accessory among the available dew point accessories. A test pot assures a consistent relative humidity of a certain point say 11.3%, which is important for letting the production process run smooth and hassle free. This prefixed temperature (11.3%) is fixed on the basis ambient temperature.

It is not easy to understand each and every piece of associated information and keeping every instruction in your brain’s hard disk is not at all an easy task. Therefore, we need a software utility, a program mastered by some experts to make our measurement easier. There are some software utilities available that can used through a computer connected via USB adapters and interface adapters. These adapters once directly connected with sensors; send direct information and data in a user customized manner.

Therefore, before choosing a seller for dew point sensors, one must take care about the seller competency with dew point accessories. For more info visit :

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Guide on Selecting the Right Dew Point Sensors for Smooth Compressed Air Applications

Dew point sensors are instruments that are particularly designed to measure the temperature at which dew develops. Selecting the right dew point meter type in order to meet the stringent requirements of your unique installation is a crucial task. In this article, we will guide you via the most vital questions you must answer when weighing your choices.

The first and foremost question to ask is whether you are browsing for a portable or a fixed dew point meter. Fixed mount sensors generally entail an external power source to function and can range in intricacy from a basic analogue sole device to extremely sophisticated units with data-logging, displays, Ethernet connections, alarm relays and more.

Here are a set of questions that will help you narrow down products to select from-

What do you require the devices to do?
Integrated display or panel meter?
Send a signal somewhere for control or miscellaneous purposes?
Alarm at a low/elevated point?
Fixed mount dew point meters can be set up on the supply-side OEM applications, for dryer monitoring and demand side for end user applications connecting to panel meter displays, PLCs and data loggers.

Dryer Type:
In most of the compressed air systems, the kind of dryer will regulate the dew point operating range entailed from the dew point meter type. Presently, there is no single device available in the market that measures all dew point levels accurately. Sensing techniques are optimized in order to excel in certain ranges- moderate-range ambient levels, high humidity condensing atmospheres and extremely dry conditions. Measuring dew point in each of these conditions exhibits it own unique set of challenges.

Selecting the instrument with an accurate measurement range would affect both the long-term and short-term stability and accuracy of the dew point measurement.

Refrigerant Dryers:
In systems functioning at higher levels, refrigerant dryers produce dew points between 35-40F. For such measurements, dew point sensors optimized for higher dew points are recommended. Since usage conditions like temperature and pressure can affect the choice of sensor, it is an ideal idea to consult a specialist dealer before making your final decision.

Moreover, it is important to know the temperature and pressure at the measurement site. While the temperature of the compressed air would not have any sort of affect on the dew point value, it might negatively influence the performance of the dew point meter. Prudent management and monitoring of pressure is imperative to making an accurate measurement.

Desiccant Dryers:
Compressed air mechanisms utilizing a desiccant-kind dryer can have dew points anywhere between -148 to 22F. Nevertheless, most function between -76 to 40F. It is essential to identify what range you want to control. In case your dryer outputs air at -112F dew points, however, your intended control set point is at -58F, this is where your performance and precision is important.

Contamination Resistance:
Finally, excellent dew point sensors have specific features that make sure a dry and clean compressed air system. These include swift wet to dry response time; long calibration intervals; thorough recovery from saturated conditions; high resistance to contamination-immunity to compressor lubricants and chemicals. For more info visit:

Thursday, April 26, 2012

With Dew Point Accessories, the Measurement of Humidity and Temperature becomes Easier

With the technology becoming each day, there has been advancement in the devices, which are being used to measure the temperature to prevent dew point and these highly utilized devices are called dew point meters. In addition to the dew point meters, they are accompanied by Dew Point Accessories, which include Hygrometer.

Let us discuss about hygrometers and its types-

Hygrometers are effective tools, which are used to measure the humidity and temperature of a room. Seeing its utility, they can be used at domestic and business places as well. One can use these hygrometers to measure the temperature of the children room, just to ensure their comfort level. Sometimes it can be hard to decide as what can be the ideal temperature for the kids. In addition to this, as and when the normal temperature is maintained, one also enjoys the advantage of maintaining the temperature as per their likings.

Whether one has kids at home or not, it effectively keeps a check on the humidity level. Majority of the people think that it is complicate to use this hygrometer, but as one of the important Dew Point Accessories, it is quite convenient to use them. There are various forms of hygrometers available as per the needs and one of them is called Mason Hygrometer. The best thing about this type is that its parts can be replaced if they are damaged or if they are misplaced.

Whirling hygrometers are known for its low maintenance and these are an ideal choice for all those who are not interested in making extra investment and have less usage. Nowadays, the digital hygrometers have become more popular as they are convenient to use and one does not have to be a rocket scientist to use it. All those people who have pets, these hygrometers come handy to keep their pets in a comfortable temperature. These meters are ideal for all those pets that live outside the house. It could be a good option for the farmers, as they can ensure that their animals do not have to face weather that is too hot or too cold.

These hygrometers are one of the most used Dew Point Accessories and they could be easily purchased from anywhere. One can purchase them from traditional shops or can buy it online with just a click of the mouse.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Dew Point Sensors – Equipped in a Production Facility, Avoids Sweat in Equipments!

Dew is something that decides the fate of not only the electrical equipments but also for the humans. These dew point sensors are everywhere, in a digital camera to a weather forecasting system. Since this system is so much important nowadays, the print media and internet world consistently write about it. Below are the extracts of an interview with a dew point sensor engineer -

Interviewer: Can you enlighten us with the whole concept of dew point for non-scientific listeners?

Engineer: Certainly, our day-to-day life is much influenced by this dew point system. Dew point helps them to understand the mood of nature and provides them a substantial ground for making an alert.

Interviewer: What is the science that works behind this whole system?

Engineer: In scientific terms, the temperature at which moisture in the air starts to reduce is ‘dew point’ and dew point sensors are specially designed meters with sensors to measure any change in the temperature or humidity and indicate to take necessary steps to deter the dew point.

Interviewer: Why are these sensors required in facilities that are engaged in the production and manufacturing of goods?

Engineer: No matter, whether it is a Boeing 747, a Pharmaceutical company or the iPad you love the most, moisture can spoil anything it gets into. Therefore, to avoid losses caused by the moisture content, equipment with sensory system to gauge the dew point becomes essential. If these dew point sensors are not there, it will be hard to determine the point that could disrupt the whole process. If it is a pharmaceutical company or a food production house, unchecked level of dew point can spoil finished products and can cause equipment failure.

Interviewer: To expand this discussion, can you please brief about the available technologies that are currently being used to check this dew point?

Engineer: Well, there are many, and not exaggerated them all, I would like to mention few of them:
  • Chilled Mirrors also known as Condensation Hygrometers; Expensive ones
  • Aluminium Oxide sensors and silicon ones share the same attributes; Economical as compared to chilled mirrors
  • The next are thin film polymer ones; cheaper and perfectly okay for long term stability
Interviewer: What important things that one should not miss while selecting dew point sensors?

Engineer: A Million dollar question, there are many things that one cannot afford overlook before buying a dew point sensor system:
  • Pressure Range
  • Temperature Range
  • Portability issue
  • Display preferences
Interviewer: From where one may get detailed information about the functioning, features, usability, installation, repairs and ordering of dew point sensors.

Engineer: Try out